Experience Counts

At Spot On Creative we give you a personalized commitment to capturing the emotion of your project.
We've completed projects for a broad range of industries from manufacturing to retail, art, fashion, food, education, insurance, construction & documentary. We've produced content for television, web, digital & print. With hundreds of projects across industries and mediums we've learned valuable lessons which we can bring to your production. Our experience brings speed & efficiency as well as creative flexibility and the ability to find innovative solutions to your challenges.

Short but Sweet

10 Second Spots

Take to the Air

Get Dynamic With Drones

Inform the Audience

Corporate Videos

Some Will Laugh

All Will Remember

Our Rules of Engagement

1 Always Add Value. Listen to what the client is telling you they want, assess their needs and use experience to figure out a way to marry the two within the budget.

2 Have Fun. The creative process should be fun and enlightening, not difficult. Clients should walk away with a better understanding of who they are and what they want to say.

3 Respect Time. Time is how we all get paid. Production should be minimally disruptive to the day to day workings of the client, and their content needs to be completed without delay.

Spend your money promoting – NOT producing.

Successful media campaigns are the ones that get seen, so frequency is vital. You don't need a big budget production to get results. We work with our clients to understand their needs and goals, then design projects to meet them. A creative idea can go a long way and so can a straight forward approach - it all depends on the circumstance, but with creativity and an understanding of your needs, less can really be much more.

You Own Your Content

Everything we do for you is yours, no restrictions, no royalties, no obligations. Use it anywhere, anytime and however you like. If you want the raw footage or the unflattened graphics files we can & will provide it because if we produce it for you, it's yours.